Tree Felling in Barnehurst

tree felling in barnehurst
Tree felling in Barnehurst requires vast experience coupled with care and attention to detail. The directional notch is what determines the direction in which your tree will fall, the tree will be felled through felling cuts. Between the 2 felling cuts is whats known as the hinge, which is what directs the tree down  towards the planned felling location

What is the Directional notch

The directional notch can be made in several ways. The trees state or condition and the surrounding terrain are what determine the directional notch for tree felling in Barnehurst . The directional notch should not be cut too deep. Always stick to the ratio of around 15-20 % of the breast height diameter.

Types of Directional Notch used for tree felling in Barnehurst

The most typical is the open-face directional notch in two versions (A and B), open-face directional notch with a larger opening angle, and inverse directional notch. The open-face notch is the most commonly used notch (version A), because it is suitable for most situations.The open-face directional notch with the bigger opening angle is more suitable on terrain which slopes where there is a need for a hinge to remain functioning for a greater period due to the sloping terrain.

The felling in Barnehurst – The cut

tree felling in barnehurst

When the directional notch has been made, it is time to saw the felling cut to the directional notch. Keep in mind to saw right to the hinge width! The felling cut will normally be level with or somewhat above the level of the directional notch. The method used for making the felling cut relies on the thickness of the trunk and the length of the guide bar. .

Use a breaking bar, felling bar or felling wedge in order to make sure safe tree felling in Barnehurst. These also prevent the tree from leaning back in the opposite direction to the target fell area and pinching the guide bar in the tree while making the felling cut. Also make sure that there is sufficient fuel in the tank. Lacking fuel while sawing the felling cut can be extremely dangerous.

The hinge is what makes Tree Felling in Barnehurst Safe

tree felling in barnehurst

The hinge is the most crucial thing to in order to make sure tree felling in Barnehurst is safe and practical. It is the unsawn part between the directional notch and felling cut that works like any other hinge, the hinge is what will direct the tree to the ground in the area of the planned fell. The hinge has to have a uniform density and its length should be at least 80 % of the tree diameter at breast height. The width needs to be 10 % of tree diameter at breast height. For trees thicker than 30 cm, it is enough to have a hinge of about 3 cm. The opening angle of the directional notch figures out how long the hinge is to be undamaged. The smaller the angle, the earlier the hinge breaks off.

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